About Us

At The Dialectic, we explore big concepts.

We devote each of our semesterly issues to discussion of a general theme relevant to the world today. The current issue’s theme will be ‘Reform.’ Each of our student authors — chosen from a variety of schools and disciplines across the country — will use their own skills and academic specialities to grapple with the questions and ideas present in that theme and in its modern context. To further discuss the theme, we will include interviews of relevant professors and book reviews by the editors in each issue.

Central to our philosophy is the idea that no one discipline holds the keys to fully understanding an issue. Only through dialogue and shared study can we produce meaningful answers to our questions. We hope that as you read these carefully selected and edited papers, you bear in mind not just what each discipline studies, but what it can tell you about the big questions of our world.

Questions? Contact us at theamherstdialectic@gmail.com