Can I submit old class papers to The Dialectic?

Yes, The Dialectic accepts class papers, so long as they aren’t already published. Please bear in mind that class papers may need to be edited before submission in order to more closely align with our theme for the semester. Please also note that we expect our papers to be accessible to readers with no background expertise, so papers may be modified for readability.

Does The Dialectic print its issues?

At the moment, The Dialectic only publishes online. When more students are permitted on campus, we may begin producing print issues.

How can I get involved in the editing and publication of the papers?

The Dialectic is always looking for new editors. Interested individuals should contact us at theamherstdialectic@gmail.com. Due to logistical limitations, only current students at Amherst College may apply to be editors.

How is The Dialectic licensed?

The Dialectic operates under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. This means that you can reproduce works from The Dialectic but you can’t sell them. If you make any derivative works, you must distribute them under the same license. Learn more.